PRESS RELEASE: Senate Republicans File Lawsuit Against Governor Sisolak and Majority Leader Cannizzaro Over Unconstitutional Tax Increase


Today Senate Republicans announced the filing of their lawsuit against Governor Steve Sisolak and Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro for violating the Nevada Constitution.

Less than the constitutionally required two-thirds of state senators voted to increase taxes and DMV fees through Senate Bill 542 and Senate Bill 551. Both bills increase revenue to the state and their passage violates the long-standing constitutional protection adopted and overwhelmingly approved by Nevada voters. The 80th session of the Nevada Legislature closed with enough projected revenue to fund all education appropriations without the tax increases.

“We have checks and balances for a reason and eroding the two-thirds requirement is an unprecedented disregard for the constitution and creates a dangerous precedent.” Said Senator James Settelmeyer.  “While there was ample money to fund education and other vital programs, Sisolak and Cannizzaro acted recklessly and their behavior created an unnecessary constitutional crisis at the expense of over 23,000 small businesses in Nevada.”


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