(Carson City, NV) – Senate Republicans circulated a petition to convene a Special Session of the Nevada legislature to address the endless extension of a “State of Emergency” or “Declaration of Disasters” proclaimed by the Governor or by the Nevada Legislature. This petition clarifies that an emergency declaration will terminate not later than 30 days unless 2/3rds of the legislature approves an extension. Approving the extension must be conducted in a regular session or during a special session of the Nevada Legislature.

“Current law is missing key oversight provisions. we hope to find a bipartisan solution that will involve the legislative branch of government when navigating future state emergencies,” said Senate Republican Leader James Settelmeyer, R-Gardnerville.

“If we’ve learned anything about the political process in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it is this: that for all practical purposes, NRS 414 places unlimited and unchecked power in the Executive branch for an unlimited period of time,” said Senator Keith Pickard, R-Henderson. “That is the kind of power that our forefathers fought a revolution over. In the United States, true power rests in the people.”

The petition was signed by all 21 Republican members of the Nevada Legislature.


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