Welcome to the official website of the Nevada Senate Republican Caucus!

We look forward to working with you to make communities throughout Nevada safe, healthy, and prosperous.

James Settelmeyer, Republican Leader

James Settelmeyer, Republican Leader

Welcome! It’s an honor to serve as your Senate GOP Leader. We’re fighting hard for Nevada’s taxpayers, homeowners, families and small businesses.

And right now we need your help. We’re in the middle of a major fight to protect Nevada from an unconstitutional and illegal tax increase. Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats want to remove the 2/3 majority vote required to raise taxes. We think it’s important to keep it, after all it was Nevada voters who put it there. With your help, we can fight this and keep Nevada prosperous for families and people just trying to get by. Please make sure to donate to our effort by clicking here. Then be sure to sign up for our email list below to get the latest updates on the fight.

- James Settelmeyer