Executive Order 2023-001

Order Rescinding All COVID-19 Era Declarations, Executive Orders and

Emergency Directives.

This means: COVID-19 mandates set by the previous administration have

been repealed

Executive Order 2023-002

Order Directing the Department of Administration to Review and Make

Recommendations with Respect to Hiring, Retention and Promotional Rules

and Procedures Related to State Employment and to Work with Executive

Branch Agencies to Transition the State workforce to Pre-pandemic, Normal

and Customary Office Conditions by July 1, 2023.

This means: State workers will get back to in person, normal office

operations and Nevada will be open for business; filling state vacancies by

streamlining the hiring process.

Executive Order 2023-003

Order Freezing the Issuance of New Regulations and Requiring Review of

Existing Regulations by All Executive Branch Agencies, Departments, Boards

and Commissions.

This means: Burdensome regulations will be reduced or improved, providing

for the general welfare of the State without inhibiting economic growth.

Executive Order 2023-004

Order Directing All Nevada Occupational and Professional Licensing Boards

to Suspend the Issuance of Any New Regulations, Show Cause for All

Occupational Licensing Requirements and to Provide a Recommendation

Pathway for Facilitating Licensure Reciprocity.

This means: Effective immediately, there will be no new regulations that

limit or impact the ability for a person to enter any occupation or profession

in Nevada

Governor Lombardo’s Executive Orders PDF